Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Baby Shower Invites

Here are some of the Baby Shower Invitations that I made for my Sister-in-Laws upcoming baby shower. It was a mix between the "Cute and Cudley" invites and the jungle ones. I had asked Lacey a while back if it was ok to case her jungle card, and she said I could. Her work is so AMAZING! It was tricky trying to get all the images on the jungle card, but what I did was cut out each one and then use it to mask the others. Get it? If not let me know and I can shoot a little video or something.
I also made Erika a corsage and some baby shower pins for the guest. The picture below of the pins has both the pink and blue ones, but I only made the pink ones because she knows that she is having a baby girl. I've been a bit busy, so that's why I've been out of the loop lately. Any way, here they are:

The corsage was a bit on the big side, but my little sister said that "They are suppose to be big", so I hope Erika likes it. It covered most of the left side of my chest!
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