Monday, July 26, 2010

My Story

Here is "My Story" for Act 1 of the Recruit Crew:

It all started when I was looking to start scrapbooking. I was looking for places to go, and I came across a "Grand Opening" for Joey Pogorel's Studio. There were SO many colors and different types of tools. I didn't know what more than half of the stuff was, and Joey was so helpful with everything. They were showing us how to use the Big Shot, and I even made my first "make and take". I kept going out and then back in and just hanging around touch EVERYTHING! She had a BIG basket with the starter kit, and I casually asked her about it. She wasn't pushy at all, which I liked....but I still didn't know if it was something that I wanted to do as a "on the side" type of job.

I was suppose to take a class at a different scrap shop, but I got a call the day of the class and was told that it had been canceled because I was the only one that had signed up. I called up Joey, who was also having a class, and asked if I she had any room. She said she did, so I went over....I was the only one that was there besides her! I thought that it was pretty cool that she didn't cancel her class even though I was the only one that was there. That showed me that she wasn't in it just for the money, but for the customers. We talked again about me being a possible recruit, and I signed up the next day!

I really like doing this whole crafting thing. It's not my full time job, but when I have some spare time I do a little of this or that. I've even started up a Technique Tuesday class of my own, and have 2 clubs! I hope that one day I can have at least half the customer base that my wonderful upline has.

Thanks for reading my story,

My Why

As part of the Recruit Crew Act 1 that I am participating in, I had to make a "My Why" and "My Story". Here is the "My Why".
I made this in MDS and am pretty happy with the way it turned out.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Carousel Trinket Box

Here is a Carousel Trinket Box that I made with the help of Tammy Beaver. I've been buying a lot of tutorials, but I haven't been using them. I've decided that I'll make at least 2 a month and share them with you. Here is my first one:
Top View:

1st Side View:

2nd Side View:

3rd Side View:

Last Side View:

It was a lot of fun making. If any of you guys just throw away your plastic ring after your ribbon is all used up, I'd love to pay for the shipping to get them! I'd like to have a class on this, but I need some more of those plastics to make these babies spin! Oh YEAH!!!!

Thanks for having a peek at my work,

Flower Ring Tutorial

Welcome to my very first tutorial!!! These Flower Rings are VERY EASY to make. You will need the following:
  • 1 piece of ribbon 5in (Melon Mambo)          
  • 1 piece of ribbon 3 1/2 in (Rich Razzleberry)
  • 1 button                                                       
  • 1 plastic ring                                                 
  •  thread                                                          
  •  needle                                                         
  • something to heat seal the edges of the ribbon
Here is what I used for this ring:(I used a Bone Ring which you can find in the knitting section in packs of 15 for no more than about $2)

First do the smaller piece of ribbon. Heat seal the edges to remove any fraying.You want to put the needle through the whole ribbon like this:

When you get the the end you can pull it tight to give it the "flower" look. The small ribbon is easy to do, because you can pull it as tight as you want. The larger ribbon is a bit tricky. Make sure that when you do the big ribbon you put the small finished ribbon on top to see if the ribbon is flared out enough.

Line up the ends and sew them together using small stitching. This is what it will look like:

Here are the two pieces finished. See how the hole of the bigger piece is much larger than the smaller piece? I learned to mess with the bigger piece to get the look that I wanted.

Next sew both the small and large piece together. Because the hole is larger on the Melon Mambo ribbon, you will need to sew at an angle to reach the center of the Rich Razzleberry ribbon. I just stitched a little on the top and bottom.

Now that you have both flowers together, grab the button and sew it one time around only going through the Rich Razzleberry ribbon. (If you want the button to face a certain way, you will have to line up the button the way you want it to face.The ring will go BETWEEN THE HOLES!)Now that the button is on don't cut the thread, but sew on the ring using the button holes as guides. I usually sew it around about 6 times just to make sure it will hold.

 And that's it! Here is the ring finished: (See how the button is crooked? That's because I didn't place it thinking about the way the ring would face! LOL)

And here is the backside:
Like I said it's easy! If you have any questions, please let me know. I would love to see what you did.


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