Go Shopping for Hairbows

When buying products online, please either put what colors/buttons/bottlecaps/appliques you would like in the "add special instructions to seller" in paypal during checkout or email me with details for your seletions.

Tuxedo Clips
Regular Tuxedo Clips: $1.00 a set
Tuxedo Clips with buttons/appliques: $2.00 a set
Tuxedo Clip Options

Mini Korkers: $2.00 each
Regular Korkers: $5.00
Dangling Korkers: $6.00
Dangling Korkers with Bottle caps: $6.50

Korker Bow Options

Regular bows
Plain Regular Bows: $1.25
Small Regular Bows: $1.00
Regular Bows with Button: $1.50
Small Classic Bows: $2.00
Small Classic Bow with Button/Bottle cap: $2.50
Medium Classic Bows: $3.00
Medium Classic Bow with Button/Bottle cap: $3.50
Medium Classic Stacked Bow: $6.00
Medium Classic Stacked Bow with Button/Bottle cap: $6.50
Medium Stacked Bow with Button/Bottle cap: $7.00
Large Classic Bows: $4.00
Large Classic Bow with Button/Bottle cap: $4.50
Large Classic Stacked Bow: $7.00
Large Classic Stacked Bow with Button/Bottle cap: $7.50
Large Stacked Bows: $7.50
Large Stacked Bow with Button/Bottle cap: $8.00
Large Stacked Loop Bow: $7.50
Large Stacked Loop bow with Button/Bottle cap $8.00
Cick here for samples

Small/Medium Selection
Large Bow Selection

Flower Loop Bows
Flower Loop Bows: $6.00

Flare Cips
Flare Clips: $2.00

Loop Bows
Loop Bows: $3.00

Snap Clips
Snap Clips: $1.00 each
Snap Clips

Bug Clips
Ladybug Clips: $1.00 each
Bee Clips: $1.00 each
Butterflies: $1.00 each
Dragonflies: $1.00 each
1 Bug Clip or Set of Bug Clips
Bug Options

People Clips
Belle: $3.00
Cinderella: $3.00
Pocahontas: $3.00
Jasmine: $3.00
Mulan: $3.00
Little Mermaid: $3.00
Sleeping Beauty: $3.00
Snow White: $3.00
Tinkerbell: $3.00
Cheer Girl: $3.00
Girl Scout: $3.00

People Clips

Regular Headbands: $5.00
Headbands with rhinestones/buttons: $6.00
Baby headbands: $2.00
Headband Size
Choose a Style
Color of Baby Headband

Crystal Daisies: $3.00
Plain Daisies: $3.00
Peonies: $3.00
Lillies: $3.00

Flower Style
Color of Flowers

All colors: $4.00
Click here for samples

Bottle Cap Neclaces
Necklaces: $2
Bottle caps: $1
Click here for samples


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